HOOTS was constructed over the summer of 2019 and is as locally built, owned, and operated as could possibly be.

Owners Justine and Mac Sarvas, along with silent partners, Jules and Daniele Vandenhouten designed and constructed a place for all to feel welcome. A place where regular cannabis consumers, public figures, professionals, brand new users; each and every person who walks through the front doors is greeted in a warm and professional way. Education and customer service are pillars of the establishment to help with the removal of the stigma once associated with cannabis and its usage.

HOOTS is a wonderful tradition on the Vandenhouten last name to give a sense of familiarity and wholesome family values in unison with a playful act partaking in cannabis.

Father/ Daughter Ribbon Cutting:  OPENING DAY October 24, 2019

Meet The Hoots Team

Justine Sarvas

Owner / Operator 

Justine was born and raised right here in Whitecourt, Alberta. An entrepreneur through and through, she has opened multiple other businesses and currently owns Hoots Cannabis as well as Evermore Yoga right next door! 

Her favourite part of this industry is the constant learning! No day is ever the same and there is always something new to research.

Levi Lightning

Assistant Manager

Levi was born and mainly raised in Whitecourt, Alberta, and considers this to be his home. A connoisseur through and through, his honest feedback on quality, his knowledge of cannabis, and his passion for the plant, is what makes him a great fit in our little store and community.

His favourite part of this industry is the culture. Whether a newcomer walks through our door, or Dr. Greenthumb himself, Levi enjoys the camaraderie we all share through our love of the herb.